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We know you love your Users and we love Interface and so we focus on their Experience. We submit to the industry’s best practices of functionality and design. We stand out on simplicity and ease of use. We are huge fans of mister Dieter Ram’s 10 principles.

What is not functional is no good. – Every application element must exist for a reason and must have a function. Being pretty or just looking good for a design point of view doesn’t mean that is good for the functionality.

Familiar user patterns. – Every web application, targets a certain category of users. Those users while already used to some patterns, expect a certain object to behave in a certain way. We analyze everything twice  to make your web application behaves as the user expects it. and try to end any difference between how and element looks and how it is expected to work.

Internal consistency. – All elements have to be consistent throughout all the web application. That includes navigation, element sizes, colors, fonts, buttons and everything else.

< Respect for code />

We always do our due diligence. We test before launch on all browsers, displays, and platforms before launch.

We do accessible, pixel perfect, clean cut, user-friendly, easy to use design. We are for hire. Get in touch now!

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